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2018, Various Fabric Material

I created a scarf that would extend my feelings and attachment to being an actual German citizen.

Recently my family was re-naturalized, because of a law that states if the Nazi government stripped away your citizenship, you could reapply for naturalization. I still do not feel very "German," so I created this scarf based off of soccer/football scarf design to enhance my understanding of my nationality. It also resembles a tallit.

One side of the scarf states, "No Home," "No Family," "No Language," to show I do not have a home in Germany, I do not have any family there anymore, and I do to speak the language. The other side of the scarf has a simplified family history with essential years, such as 1933 which is the year the Nazi's took power in Germany and the year my grandmother was born, as well as 1938 when her citizenship was stripped away.


2017, Digital prints on vinyl paper and electrical tape

The final for my Design class at RISD Fall 17. Tasked with creating a set of cards that corrosponded with design words chosen by proffesor, I created metro cards based on the NYC Metro’s. My interest for public transportation, the design elements of NYC’s metro system, and the feeling’s that I experience on the metro inspired this collection. 


2017, 1x2 Wood

The final for my Spatial Dynamics at RISD Fall 17. Tasked with creating a chair/stool out of 1x2 wood planks.
Design has an storage compartment under seat top.